“Britain’s most prominent anti-hunting activist” – Daily Mail

Winner, ‘ANIMAL HERO AWARDS 2019’ for Services to Wildlife – Daily Mirror


Eduardo is founder and President of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting www.bantrophyhunting.org

He has been a campaigner on environmental, conservation and animal welfare issues for nearly 30 years. To find out more, see ‘About’.

Below are examples of some of his most recent work, campaigns and successes – including the presentation of the 2019 Animal Hero Award for services to wildlife by TV presenter Steve Backshall, Olympic and world champion rower Helen Glover, Peter Egan, and Coronation Street’s Helen Worth.

The Daily Mirror – organisers of the Animal Heroes Award – have made a film about Eduardo’s work with powerful tributes from legendary explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, ex-England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen, Daily Mirror editor Alison Philips, and Stanley Johnson, father of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Watch the film and presentation here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9C3bDdaQT74



Most photos by Paul Nicholls Photography: http://www.paulnichollsphotography.com/


The Fox, the Hound and the Human 


The extraordinary story of Britain’s most adaptable mammal. Is the fox actually a hardwired canine with cat software? Welcome to the extraordinary world of this fun and fruit-loving British mammal. A fruitarian for parts of the year, trampoline bouncing (when no-one is looking), with exemplary fathers, the red fox is revealed as a co-operative social mammal that is now very likely to raise their family under your shed … and just might steal your shoes.

Yet through history we have vilified, tortured and hunted this same creature to scarcity. So are they a complex and cunning killer as our films portray them, or are they just trying to survive like us? Now that foxes live side by side with us in our towns and cities, will we finally tackle the obscene cruelty of cub-hunting that British hunts still perpetrate to this day?

This fascinating and often funny book – illustrated with beautiful photographs, and with a foreword from the legendary Bill Oddie – looks at our history and our present with this most adaptable of British mammals, and asks us all to get involved and ensure a brighter cruelty-free future for the fox.