A random selection of media pieces I have authored or contributed to/been interviewed for on animal welfare issues.

VIDEO: Make Cruelty History

VIDEO: Will 2018 be the most important year in history for UK wildlife?

LUSH Radio: Eduardo Goncalves talks about Boxing Day hunts and why we need tougher sentences for animal cruelty

VIDEO: Eduardo Goncalves with Vinny the 7 week-old fox cub

SHOOTING: Eduardo Goncalves on why it’s time to close down Britain’s grouse-shooting industry

GUARDIAN LETTERS: Why the environment must be at the heart of the UK general election. “While 52% of British people voted to leave the EU, 84% want the ban on hunting foxes to stay”

LETTERS: Fired-up over grouse shooting and moorlands. “The effects of driven grouse shooting are wide-ranging and devastating.”

THE INDEPENDENT: Don’t be fooled by Boxing Day trail hunts – they’re just as cruel as illegal animal hunting, says Eduardo Goncalves

HUFFINGTON POST: Unlucky For Hunts As Hunting Ban Turns 13. Eduardo Goncalves on why the law should be strengthened

PETS AT WORK: Pooches in the workplace can stop the economy going to the dogs, writes Eduardo Goncalves

DOG-FIGHTING: Eduardo Goncalves – We need a national taskforce to tackle dog fighting in the UK

HUNT THUGS: Eduardo Goncalves on why the brutal attack on hunt monitors must not go unpunished

VIDEO: Eduardo Goncalves on the cancer of dogfighting – and why the time must fit the crime

ELECTION: Why on Earth did Tory leader Theresa May come out in favour of foxhunting at the 2017 election, asks Eduardo Goncalves

THE ECOLOGIST: Training hounds to kill foxes in secret slaughter sessions is just one example of the cruelty and violence that’s intrinsic to fox-hunting, writes Eduardo Goncalves

EVENING STANDARD: Fox hunting group being probed after allegations of animal cruelty

TARGET PRACTICE: Shocking footage reveals the cruel reality of Britain’s £2 billion game shooting industry. “This is little more than target practice with living creatures.”

SPY GAMES: Anti-fox hunting activists BUGGED in ‘sinister, James Bond-style plot’. “There are people out there whose sick blood lust has overridden any sense of common decency and acceptable boundaries”

CRUELTY CRUSADE: Outrage as Government accused of going SOFT on animal abusers. “If we don’t offer a serious punishment to animal abusers then they will continue abusing animals.”

BIRD-SHOOTING INDUSTRY: The League Against Cruel Sports Calls For Inquiry Into UK’s Game Bird Shooting Industry. The animals who are eventually used as “target practice” are kept in conditions “worse than those for farmed chickens”.

PREDATOR PERSECUTION: Anti hunt campaigners demand ban on grouse hunting as bloodsports enthusiasts prepare for Glorious Twelfth. Hen harriers “are being persecuted to extinction”.

FOX HUNTING: Fresh calls for watchdogs to monitor blood sport to protect wild animals. “Hunts are playing fast and loose with the law.”

SCOTTISH SUN: Shelter pet horror – Puppy found mutilated at Ayrshire Ark shelter ‘had injuries similar to wounds inflicted in organised dog fights

BAIT ANIMALS: Tortured dog had her teeth PULLED OUT before being used as BAIT in dog fight

DOGFIGHTING: Ricky Gervais slams ‘disgusting’ dog fights as tragic pooch with teeth smashed in rescued from illegal ring

HUNTER CONVICTED: Badger baiting master of the Dwyryd Hunt sent to prison in ‘landmark’ case. “Sadly it comes as no surprise that a huntsman has been engaged in other horrific practices involving cruelty to animals.”

ELECTION POLL: Fox hunting – Three out of four voters ‘are AGAINST overturning the ban’. “Hunting has become one of the big issues in this election, and it is now clear that it is an extremely toxic one for any pro-hunt candidate.”

VOTER ANGER: Angry animal campaigners accuse Theresa May of being OUT OF TOUCH with voters. “Anyone who feels the need to kill foxes should never use hunting with dogs, as it is in fact one of the cruellest methods available.”

‘TRAIL HUNTING’ EXPOSED: Fox hunters found guilty of illegal hunting after they were filmed by two birdwatchers. “Fox hunts constantly chase real foxes while pretending they are following a trail”

TROPHY HUNTING: Thousands of trophy hunters sign up to ‘pay to slay’ for the chance to kill lions, leopards and elephants. “It is sickening that some people enjoy slaughtering animals just to show off the dead body on their wall at home.”

‘PAY TO SLAY’ HORROR: More than 20,000 trophy hunters descend on Las Vegas to join ‘pay to slay’ auctions. “It beggars belief that there are still people who are excited by the prospect of slaughtering an animal for target practice and turning it into a trophy.”

CELEBS BACK BAN: Fox hunting: Brian May and Chris Packham among stars calling to KEEP current ban. “The view of voters couldn’t be clearer”.

HUNTS SPREADING TB? Hounds At Kimblewick Hunt Killed After Bovine TB Outbreak In Buckinghamshire. “Thousands of hunt hounds are free to chase from field to field, farm to farm and across private and National Trust land pretty much on a daily basis during the hunting season.

LEGENDARY EXPLORER’S APPEAL: Sir Ranulph Fiennes pleads with Theresa May: ‘Don’t bring back cruel fox hunting’. “Vast majority of the British public are completely opposed to hunting”.

FOX HUNT HORROR: Watch the shocking moment fox cubs are put into kennels with hunting dogs ‘to train them to kill’.

BUZZARDS PERSECUTED: Buzzards back in hunters’ crosshairs over threat to UK pheasant shoots. “Authorising this protected raptor to be killed purely to boost the profits of private shooting interests sets a very dangerous precedent”

HOUNDS HORROR: ‘Seven dogs killed on railway line during drag hunting event’ as police probe launched. “This horrific incident is not an isolated case in trail hunting and is typical of the disregard that hunts show for their dogs and the public.”

BBC SPORT – Grand National 2016: Minella Reception dies after fall.

CRUEL YET LEGAL: 1.7 MILLION animals a year will fall victim to barbaric snare traps, campaigners warn.

BBC: Are we tough enough on animal cruelty? “I know in the back of my mind that if we catch a dog fighter, the most they will get is six months in prison – and probably much less. That’s utterly inadequate and would be laughable if it wasn’t so shocking.”

BBC NEWS: Fox cubs filmed ‘being put into hounds’ kennels’. It blows “away the myth that fox hunting has got anything to do with controlling the fox population – this is a cruel sport, pure and simple”.

BBC NEWS: Dog fighting – Campaigners call for action against owners

SHOOTING DOVES: Hunting endangered European turtle doves given green light. “The Maltese government has bowed to a vociferous hunting lobby.”

BELFAST TELEGRAPH: Maximum jail term for animal cruelty should rise to five years

MIX96: 40 hunting dogs put down after being infected with bovine TB. “There are more than 50 hunts operating in parts of the country where bTB is particularly widespread. Are we looking at the real reason why the disease can’t be controlled?”

DAILY EXPRESS: “Trail hunting continues to be used as a cover for illegal hunting”

SENTENCES: Cruelty Campaign for tougher animal abuser punishment gains support. “The punishment for dog fighting could never truly fit the crime, but increasing the maximum penalty would be a good start.”

SNARES: 1.7 MILLION animals a year will fall victim to barbaric snare traps, campaigners warn

MIRROR: 500 dog fights reported every year. “Evidence from the UK and abroad points to the activity being a ‘gateway’ crime to serious and organised offences, such as drug and gun crime.”

HOUNDS KILLED: Top Tory’s fox hunt kills off 25 of its own hounds after bovine TB outbreak . “The implications of this outbreak are huge. It would be a farce if hunting was allowed to continue while bovine TB is rife.

SOFT SENTENCES: Ricky Gervais erupts with FURY at soft sentences for dog fighters. “The current maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment for animal cruelty in England and Wales is quite simply a joke,” said Eduardo Goncalves

MASHABLE: Up to 5,000 turtle doves to be hunted and shot in Malta. “The science shows that the turtle dove is in serious decline.”

ITV NEWS: Hunting ban supported by 84% of voters. “Polling highlights just how out of touch any move to repeal the hunting ban would be with the views held by the majority of the British public – including Conservative voters.”

BELFAST LIVE: “Wire snares are the landmines of the countryside. They are cruel and indiscriminate killers of wild mammals and pets.”

GRAND NATIONAL: “The horses that make it to the end of the race are the lucky ones. Those who lose out end up in a hastily erected white tent”

THE TIMES: Hunt crowds do not back killing of foxes

THE SUN: MPs demand clampdown on evil online dog breeders. “We need an increase in sentencing to 5 years for animal cruelty.”

THE NEW EUROPEAN: “Are we really going to turn the clock back to a time when killing animals for fun was legal?”

NEWSTALK: Fox cubs filmed ‘being fed’ to hounds in kennels

SQUIRREL CULL: Politicians Face Backlash For Supporting Squirrel Cull. “People are going to be angry at why the government is apparently sanctioning the large scale killing of grey squirrels”

UK Politicians Face Backlash For Supporting A Squirrel Cull

LEFT FOOT FORWARD: Let’s not turn the clock back to the time when killing foxes for fun was legal, writes Eduardo Goncalves

Let’s not turn the clock back to the time when killing foxes for fun was legal

SNARES: “It’s time for a total ban.”

METRO: Fox cubs filmed being put into hounds’ kennels to train them to hunt

Fox cubs filmed being put into hounds’ kennels to train them to hunt

BBC NEWS: Dog fighting – “it’s planned, it’s organised, it’s deliberate”

BUSINESS REPORTER: Bookmakers must be made to pay towards the welfare of greyhounds. “Over 2,000 dogs were injured in the last 3 years, and over 1,000 were euthanised.”

Bookmakers ‘must be made to pay towards the welfare of greyhounds’

CUB-HUNTING: Charity offers £1k to catch barbaric fox cub hunters. “Cub hunting is one of the hunting fraternity’s dirtiest secrets.”

UNILAD: Hideous Video Shows Fox Cubs Being Put In Hunting Dogs Kennel For Training. “Hounds won’t naturally kill foxes so they must be taught to do so.”

Hideous Video Shows Fox Cubs Being Put In Hunting Dogs Kennel For Training

DAILY MAIL: May’s hunting ban u-turn shows the government has realised how important it is to the British public

BOVINE TB: Hunting group kills off 25 of its dogs after TB outbreak. “All hunting with dogs must be suspended with immediate effect.”

Hunting group kills off 25 Foxhounds after Bovine TB outbreak

USA TODAY: Fox hunting becomes battleground in U.K. general election. “Fox hunts capture and raise foxes to chase.”

INEWS: Dog fighting report reveals pet cats being stolen for bait. “Dog fighting is one of the most serious animal welfare issues in Britain today.”

DAILY RECORD: we need appropriate penalties for animal cruelty and dog-fighters

SKY NEWS: Fox cubs filmed being fed to hounds exposes the gruesome training secrets of UK hunters

DAILY TELEGRAPH: If anyone thinks dog fighting is a thing of the past, then sadly they are wrong

TALK RADIO: Dog fighting is barbaric and we cannot allow it to be part of a modern Britain

MIRROR: It’s a victory for common sense as Theresa May shelves plans to axe hunting ban

THE GUARDIAN: The hunt lobby needs to act decisively against violence perpetrated by its supporters against law-abiding citizens who are ensuring the Hunting Act is upheld

GREYHOUND RACING: Time to call for cruel and out-dated ‘sport’ to be phased out

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