A random selection of news and other content around the topics of climate change and sustainability.


PR WEEK: Climate change communications – “Ten years ago the conversation was about jobs and growth; now it is about smart business decisions and opportunities to make markets more dynamic”

CLIMATE CHANGE: why investing in the green economy makes financial sense

UNITED NATIONS TV – launch of Climate Week NYC 2015

Deforestation Should Be at Heart of Climate Discussion


VIDEO: The air-powered car!

VIDEO: WWF’S One Planet initiative

WWF WEBCAST: The WWF Pocket Guide to a One Planet lifestyle – by Eduardo Goncalves

DOWNLOAD: “The WWF Pocket Guide to a One Planet Lifestyle” – by Eduardo Goncalves

Click to access opl_ebooklet.pdf

WORLD FUTURE ENERGY SUMMIT: “If we are to change the paradigm then governments with unsustainable ecological footprints must set verifiable targets for reducing their carbon, water and commodity footprints”

NBC NEWS: Arab nation aims to build world’s greenest city.

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