Here are a few of my published stories from when I was a foreign correspondent (plus one or two stories about me).

THE OBSERVER: Bribery is just the ticket for Algarve traffic cops – Eduardo Goncalves

THE OBSERVER: Portuguese football champions shaken by corruption charges – Eduardo Goncalves and Denis Campbell

RADIO RENASCENCA: Ed Gonçalves pode ser o primeiro deputado português no Reino Unido (in Portuguese)

SABADO: Ed Gonçalves, o luso-descendente a caminho do parlamento britânico (in Portuguese)

CORREIO DA MANHA: O menino que pede órgãos aos politicos (in Portuguese)

THE OBSERVER: Drugs scandal whistleblower stabbed again – by Eduardo Gonçalves

THE OBSERVER: Jail ‘ignored suicide warning’ – by Eduardo Gonçalves and Tracy McVeigh

THE OBSERVER: England get 24-hr armed guard – by Denis Campbell and Eduardo Goncalves

THE OBSERVER: Britain allowed Portugal to keep Nazi gold – by Eduardo Gonçalves

THE OBSERVER: Ex-Minister held in child sex ring case – by Eduardo Gonçalves

THE OBSERVER: Portugal’s rogue cops are given a jail of their own – by Eduardo Gonçalves

THE GUARDIAN: Seven die in Lisbon club gas attack – by Eduardo Goncalves

THE OBSERVER: Safeway and ‘greedy’ Portuguese farmers in cork and bottle row – by Eduardo Goncalves

THE OBSERVER: Gang wars fuel Lisbon club terror. A night out in Portugal can feature guns, gas and grenades. And last week seven clubbers paid with their lives, reports Eduardo Gonçalves

THE OBSERVER: Heatwave sets fire to Portugal. Brussels is asked for emergency aid after global warming brings worst drought in 150 years. Special report by Eduardo Gonçalves

THE OBSERVER: Right-wing terrorists killed Portuguese PM in faked plane crash – by Eduardo Goncalves

THE OBSERVER: Captured cubs hold future of Europe’s tiger. The fight to save the Iberian lynx, whose plight was revealed by The Observer. By Eduardo Gonçalves

THE OBSERVER: Last of the lynx facing oblivion in virus crisis. How Europe’s big cat became the planet’s most endangered feline. By Eduardo Gonçalves

THE GUARDIAN: Portugal’s PM quits as cities fall to rival – by Eduardo Goncalves

GUARDIAN OBITUARIES: Amalia Rodrigues – Passionate voice of fado, Portugal’s haunting music. By Eduardo Goncalves

THE OBSERVER: Cook faces new crisis as Hawk jets fly in. Indonesia and East Timor: special report. By John Gittings in Jakarta, Maggie O’Kane in Dili and Eduardo Goncalves in Lisbon

THE OBSERVER: British safety claims wilt as uranium panic grips Nato. New research threatens to undermine MoD denial of the dangers of Balkans Syndrome. Foreign affairs editor Peter Beaumont investigates. Additional reporting by Emma Daly in Madrid and Eduardo Goncalves in Lisbon

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